According to a new study it to work sitting or standing does not matter

Work sittng or standing

Working up is a very fashionable trend in recent years. The theoretical damage caused work sitting for many hours caused many valued that option which makes our table can fit in one way or another to work standing.

We ourselves try to validate the experience a few months ago and we did not reach any conclusive results. In those tests I did not experience any of the advantages of speaking other users, and now a study by Exeter University and University College London indicates that work standing or sitting not particularly affects our health.

Work sittng or standing
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What is important is physical activity?

The study did these two entities followed more than 5,000 people in a really extensive 16 – year period and published their findings in the International Journal of Epidemiology. According to the investigators there is no difference between one and another position:

Any parked position in which energy expenditure is low can be harmful to health, either whether one is sitting as if standing.

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In fact in the study they are put into question the advantages of jobs that allow you to change the sitting posture to a standing posture, which contradicts the promises of all that talk about the benefits of working standing during certain periods time in the workday.

The conclusions of the study specified that “the time one sitting is not associated with risk for mortality. The results of this study suggest that regulators and doctors should be cautious when emphasized that sit for a long time it is a risk factor for mortality, which is different from the effect that has on physical activity”.

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