Tips to extend the life of your running shoes

Running shoes

Running shoes are our faithful companions. If we do many kilometers, it may not last us long (maybe a few months). But with some tricks we can extend the life of our running shoes.

From how to use to how to clean them, there are little things we can do every day to make our shoes last us a few kilometers. Although they say that running shoes have an average life of 1,000 kilometers, also depends on other things.

Running shoes
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What to do to last you more running shoes?

Go rotating a pair of running shoes: It is always better to have a pair of running shoes to train. As we accumulate kilometers, the sole tends to lose cushioning. If we take a couple of days off shoes after training to the sole it gives you time to better restore its original position, delaying wear material.

Dry thoroughly before storing shoes: If after running, sweat or because it rained, the shoes are wet or damp, be sure to dry them well. Take away the templates, loosen the laces and open them well. Put them in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct heat sources. If they are very wet, put newspaper inside to remove moisture.

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Compared to the previous point, we can avoid excessive sweating using appropriate socks. And if we sweat a lot, we can even use specific foot powders. Remove the right end of training also helps slippers, is the time where more sweat tends to accumulate.

Do not use shoes to train for daily use: This is a common mistake; even rather we think is right for your foot fits the shoe. But we have to tread walk is very different from that we have to run, so the shoes can “vicarage” when used to walk.

If you use running shoes for other sports, you will last very little. Especially if they are sports like football, tennis or the like, where there are many changes of direction. These shoes are designed to step in one direction, if they undergo constant changes of direction and abrasive surfaces, much shorten its life.

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