Exploring the Beauty of the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are often referred to as the Caribbean of America. With beautiful, tropical weather year-round and the feeling of a remote, far-a-way place, they have a unique appeal that’s similar to the West Indies. With back cove yachts for sale, you can explore the beauty and mystery of the Florida Keys at your own pace in luxury and style.

The unique appeal and tropical climate of the Florida Keys attracts people from around the world each year. In addition to world-class divers, swimmers and fishermen, the Keys have attracted many well-known celebrities like Jimmy Buffet, Truman Capote and Ernest Hemingway who made this tropical paradise their home.

The Florida Keys are divided into three areas with a string of more that 800 islands that stretch 113 miles along the coastline. Each area has its own vibe and attractions, so there’s no shortage of exciting destinations and things to do.

The Upper Keys, considered the sport fishing capital of the world, stretch from Key Largo to Layton. This area is filled with cool dive shops, restaurants and country clubs that exude a luxurious lifestyle. Key Largo attracts divers from around the world because it has the third-longest coral reef in the world, and the only living coral reef in the United States. With mountains of living rock, underwater caves and schools of colorful fish, the coral reef near Key Largo is a must-see destination.

The Middle Keys are popular for their long stretches of pristine beaches, charter fishing boats and unique shops located in the small town of Marathon. If you like to fish, the charter fishing boats that anchor in Marathon will provide a day of fun-filled adventure. Whether you snag a tuna, grouper or tarpon, the experience is well worth your time.

The Lower Keys are a more remote area with quiet atmosphere and lush greenery, until you reach the cosmopolitan city of Key West. This is the perfect place for long walks along the beach, hikes through scenic groves, and authentic island cuisine. Little Palm Island Resort with its thatched roofs, outdoor showers and hand-made pastries has all of the charm of Gilligan’s Island.

Since there is only one official road that runs through the Florida Keys, yachting is the perfect way to explore the islands. There are various marinas up and down the coastline that offer easy docking amenities for a comfortable stay and welcome boating enthusiasts with open arms.

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