Promo essentials for mobile phone sites

Promotion is critical to the success of your mobile sites and apps. Mobile users tend to download apps or visit sites found in top search engine results or in top 10 category lists in app stores; therefore, unless you have the strategy to rank highly, it does not matter how good your app or site is – no one will know about it or use it.

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There is intense competition between downloadable apps, with a survey by ClickZ revealing that it can cost companies as much to market an app as it does to develop it.

Some promo essentials for your mobile sites and apps include paid advertising, shared media and app store optimisation.

Paid advertising

You can advertise using any type of media to promote your mobile sites and apps. Mobile integration makes it easier to measure the impact of using paid advertising on TV and in print, while unique QR codes on static ads and short codes for entering competitions can help to measure the impact of your paid advertising. Advertising in related apps and websites, however, makes the biggest difference, with this form of paid advertising greatly contributing to the growth of the mobile app industry.

Shared media

Shared media includes social media, email and SMS. Social media has been a top recipient of mobile advertising and campaigns that increase traffic to mobile websites, with apps central to social media marketing.

Companies like Cheltenham PR Agency that that offer strategy and planning and can advise on how to optimise your social media promotion so that it ranks well on the web. With Social media being so important it’s important to get it right and communicate with the client or customer correctly .  target group provide pr in cheltenham and can help you make the right decisions and train you on what to do.
When it comes to social links, your authority as a web developer matters. Find innovative ways to promote organic sharing and make use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Optimising for app stores

The Google Play, Kindle and Apple stores use algorithms to rank apps. A variety of factors come into play, including ratings, tags and download data. There is no one solution that fits all; however, the name of your app matter to each. Ensure that the title you give to your app matches relevant search phrases and clearly identifies what it does; in addition, when you list your app in each store, make sure you fill out all the relevant fields and choose your categories carefully.

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