How to Choose the Right Hiking Socks for Your Footwear

In order to avoid discomfort and injury during your hiking adventure, you’ll need to make sure that you buy the right pair of hiking socks for your feet. The wrong pair of hiking socks can result in sore feet, blisters, sores, and even more serious conditions such as blisters from moisture. Fortunately, due to the extreme importance of a well-crafted hiking sock, and how to avoid a hiker’s foot. There are many options for footwear available from a Hiking Socks Ireland company.

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What is the Best Hiking Sock? Hiking socks have come a long way from their primitive roots, but regardless of their development, they all share the same properties, namely warmth and thickness. Warmth and thickness are critical when you’re walking for any length of time, because even a few minutes of poor foot placement can result in frostbite, a painful and often life-threatening condition.

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What is the Proper Depth of a Hiking Sock? A popular concern among hikers is whether or not the socks they wear provide enough thickness. While the thickness will vary depending on your foot shape, your heel should rest about a half inch between the ball of your foot and the front of your toes. If your feet are extremely wide, look for hiking socks that are a quarter to half an inch thick in the heel, with about an inch of water-resistance between the sock and your skin. Water resistance helps keep your feet warm, which can help reduce blisters and prevent frostbite.


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