A Timber Framed Extension for your home.

Oak  is one of the most popular forms of timber framing. It gives the best look and feel to your house. Before going into the details about the various advantages of this method of wood framing, it is essential to state that it is a fairly new method of framing that is not available in the market for long.. This is a perfect way to increase the dwelling room of your house by framing outcome some extra walls and roofs. In case you are thinking of moving this method could be the best option for you. A Timber Framed Extension truly adds character and value to a property.

English Oak tree in mid May

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These frames are made with two pieces of timber that are attached securely to each other and only one piece of timber is connected to the bottom. As far as the construction of these frames is concerned, there are different types like the sloping frame, box frame, V-groove frame and scalloped frame etc. When it comes to the design of these frames, you can go for any design that you want. You can make the design according to the interiors and the exteriors of your house.

Oak tree

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Timber Framed Extension is available at the most affordable rates and you may even be able to get a plan for one. Many chose to simply take out a further advance for home improvements. One of the main advantages of using this plan is that it can give your house a royal look. It is one of the most useful ways to increase the space of your house. Thus if you want to make a bold change in your home, try to consider having one fitted.


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