Unique and Creative Fence Materials

Adding a fence to your backyard comes with a number of benefits. It will let you leave your dogs outside without worrying about them running away, make you feel more confident when your kids play outside and increase your privacy. While privacy fences, which usually feature tall boards of six-feet or more, are popular, you can also make a fence from some creative and more unique materials. Once installed, these fences may even cause your neighbors to come over and ask for tips on replacing their own fences.

Utility Poles

Did you know that you can actually buy the same utility poles that your city or county uses for use around your own home? Contacting a utility pole supplier is the first step is purchasing those poles. Some people simply use the poles in the same way they would fence posts, but you also have the option of adding some decorative elements between those posts like a funky type of barbed wire or plants and/or bushes that you set in the middle. As companies make utility poles for use outside, you may not need to worry about staining or painting those poles.

Old Doors

When you look at the doors in your home, you might notice that each one is roughly the same height as privacy fence panels. That is why some creative people now use those old doors as fencing. You can attach multiple doors together to form the panels and then install each panel in the same way you would privacy fence panels. Look for doors that match your own creative side. You might opt for classic interior doors that you paint in bright and funky colors, or you might choose older doors that have a more classic look.

Vintage Bikes

A fence made from vintage bikes will become the standout in your neighborhood and make your house one of the most popular on the street. You can use complete bikes or just pieces from those bikes. Make a frame that uses wood boards on all four sides, and use screws and other hardware to hold the bikes inside those frames. You will then install the frames with support posts around your yard. While you can install a more traditional fence, you can also have a little fun with materials like utility poles, old doors and vintage bikes used in your new fence.

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