What shirt should you wear with a grey suit

A grey suit oozes style and sophistication and adds a touch more modernity than a black suit. The difficulty in having a grey suit can be choosing a shirt that creates the look you want. Here, we take a look at what you can pair with a grey suit, to work in any situation.

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Keeping it classic

A white shirt will complement most suits and create an air of elegance. Crisp white will make the suit look sharper, whilst appearing clean and professional. This is a good option if wearing a grey suit is a little out of your comfort zone, as it maintains a simple yet classic look.

On the dark side

Wearing a dark shirt with a grey suit is a little more uncommon, but that doesnt mean it lacks style. A navy blue shirt is more mysterious, whilst a black shirt creates an intense look which is hard to beat.

A splash of colour

If you want to keep it colourful, try pairing your grey suit with a pink shirt. It’s clean and crisp, yet adds a pop of colour. Surprisingly, it also makes the ensemble seem much more masculine than other combinations. If you want to add a more muted shade but still stay colourful, wearing a light blue shirt can have the desired effect. It radiates the same modern, professional look as your traditional shirt colours, but still allows you to stand out.

Choosing a style

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Similar to colours, there are also a huge range of shirt styles and fits to choose from. Mens Farah shirts for example, show some of the variety available. It is always worth trying on a few different styles to find your perfect fit, so choosing a brand which caters for most sizes and shapes, such as http://ejmenswear.com/brands/farah is the best way to go.

Adding accessories

You have the shirt, but what if you need a tie to complete the look? The colour of your tie can say a lot about you, so its important to find a colour which complements your suit as well as your shirt does.

If youve made the step away from a traditional black suit, you need to do it justice by finding a shirt which perfects the look. You will end up with a stylish and elegant combination.

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