How long should a lawn mower last?

The lifespan of a lawnmower

It is better to measure the lifespan of a lawnmower in hours rather than in years as weekly usage may vary greatly depending on the needs of the gardener. A lawnmower that is used to maintain a small residential lawn every couple of weeks is going to see a lot less usage than a lawnmower used daily to maintain a bowling green!As a rough estimate, a residential lawn mower will last approximately 500 hours whilst a larger commercial machine may last up to 1,500 hours.

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Extending the lifespan of a lawnmower

A lawnmower is an important investment and one of the best ways to ensure maximum lifespan is to choose a quality lawnmower from a reputable brand that is built to last.

Some parts of the lawnmower may wear down more quickly than others, but these are often easily replaceable. For example, many top-brand lawn mowers use Briggs and Stratton parts in their engines and these can easily be sourced online from specialist retailers.

Choosing to replace Briggs and Stratton parts will ensure that your lawnmower continues to function effectively for its full intended lifespan which in turn offers a much better value machine in the long run. Not only is repairing your lawn mower a better choice for your pocket, but it’s also a better choice for the planet.

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According to a 2016 study in the Journal of Industrial Ecology, nearly 60% of global greenhouse emissions come from household consumption and the subsequent disposal of household goods. By replacing only parts of your lawnmower instead of replacing the whole lawnmower, you are reducing the amount of waste you are sending to landfill and minimising the impact on global emissions.

Checking your lawnmower regularly will enable you to identify parts that may need repairing. Pay attention to the blades, the batteries, the filters and the spark plugs as these are the parts that often need replacing. In doing so you will ensure that it is only the grass, rather than the lifespan of your mower, that gets cut short.

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