How to Get through the Transition from Working to Retirement

Many of us eagerly look forward to retirement – freedom from the constraints of work and when all the family have grown up and moved out it is a time to start enjoying your life and doing what you like doing. However, although it all sounds fantastic, some people find that they struggle with the transition to retirement and find it a lot harder that they anticipated.

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If this sounds like you, here are some good ideas for how you can start retirement well…

Be mentally prepared. It is a life change so be kind to yourself and go with the flow. Know what to expect. A lot of people feel a loss of identity with the end of their career especially if it has been a big part of their life, so find some new hobbies that are just for you.

Think about moving house – this can help you with getting into a new phase in your life, and also you could find something more suitable for your retirement years. Are you someone looking for Gloucester park homes? This could help you as there is a strong community in park homes, as well as retirement apartments.

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Plan fun things to do – Retirement is a time to be able to spend time doing things that make you happy. Now you are not restricted by work, you can plan a perfect holiday, take exercise classes or start a new hobby that you have always been interested in but never had the time to commit to.

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