Making your Conservatory a Comfortable and Useable Temperature

If you have an older conservatory or have recently moved into a home that has one, then you will probably know that they can often be difficult to keep at a comfortable temperature. Being made of glass, a conservatory can heat up like a greenhouse during the summer months, whereas in the winter they can feel too cold to spend much time in, making it a room that many people feel is of little use.

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This is a shame as a conservatory is a real asset to your home when it is usable and is a space that can be used in a multitude of ways, from a dining area to a playroom for the kids. However, in order to use it for anything, you need to be able to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

One of the main issues with older conservatories in particular can be the roof. Heat rises therefore most of it will be lost through the roof, and in the winter, this means that the room tends to be a little on the chilly side. One of the best ways to prevent this heat loss and gain the space back is to get a professional like this conservatory roof conversions Cheltenham based company https://www.proceiling to make improvements to the roof.

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Heat is the opposite problem but one that many people struggle with in the summer, particularly in a south facing conservatory which has the sun for most of the day. In this case, blinds can be a really effective method of reducing the heat in the room and keeping it nice and cool.

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