Best curries cooked in a kitchen

It is widely acknowledged that in the UK we have access to the most  varied assortment of foodstuffs anywhere in the world. The British palette has been  exposed to a huge amount of different cultures, food and influences since the middle of the 1950s. Invited immigrants from India, Pakistan, the Caribbean and Asia all brought their excellent culinary skills and recipes with them to eat and introduce to the British public.  It was fair to say that before this the most exciting healer that British people could look forward to was fish and chips ( itself brought over by  Jewish migrants in the early 20th century).

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One of the most prominent of these and the food that has been taken to British hearts more than any other is that of curry.  This highly spiced and  flavour filled  dish can be applied to meats and vegetables  to create a special meal.  Whilst some of the most popular curries in the country have certainly been anglicised to a heavy degree the roots of curry remain set in their Indian,  Bangladeshi  and Pakistani origins.

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The most popular curries that can be made at home where a Kitchen Refurbishment by has been completed  is the chicken tikka masala.  This was invented in Glasgow by fusing different Indian cooking techniques to create an individualistic dish.  However more traditional curries such as balties and biryani’s Are still extremely popular and have their roots much closer to their original Heartlands.

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