How van leasing works – top things to know

When you need to move a lot of heavy or bulky items around as part of your business model, leasing a van can be a great solution. After all, purchasing a van (or several) can mean a significant upfront cost for your enterprise.

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Why lease a van

Van leasing Bristol takes the complication out of the situation, leaving your business with the practical transportation it needs. Rather than buying a van outright (or taking out a loan to purchase one, which will of course mean factoring in pricey interest payments over time, too), leasing a van can be better for your budget as well as better for the smooth running of your business.

Also known as Business Contract Hire, van leasing simply entails paying a monthly fee for the exclusive use of your chosen vehicle. At the end of the agreed term, you give the van back. This means you won’t be stuck with owning an ageing vehicle, and the maintenance costs that entails.

You could also make your choice of van into a real selling point for your company, by opting for a more environmentally friendly electric vehicle. This option is becoming increasingly popular. Find out about your leasing options by consulting a specialist such as

The budget-friendly option

By choosing to lease a van rather than buy it outright, you can enjoy the benefits of a brand-new vehicle whilst saving money. You can enjoy lower upfront expenses and lower running costs too.

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Most leased vans are less than 3 years old, which means that there’s no MOT to worry about, and you can simply upgrade to the latest model when your contract ends. There is often plenty of flexibility when it comes to negotiating the length and details of your contract, and maintenance costs can often be included, making it a very economical option. You are, however, likely to be tied to a mileage limit as part of your agreement, so be mindful not to exceed this or you could face additional charges.

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