A Tesla not only does well, but sells cars twice a year for another


Needless know what Elon Musk dreamer, and just last week spoke of his project trips to Mars as who gets a transoceanic plane. But it’s nothing fancy is that its auto business is booming, and if at other times we talked about how well they were sales, we now know that Tesla sells twice as many cars of selling makes a year.

The data comes from the last statement that the company has posted on its website, which specify that the sum total of vehicles distributed in the last quarter not only doubled, but remains a little above that achieved in the same period last year (third quarter 2015). And the top model? The Tesla Model S.

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With S of “selling”

While it is not easy even see them on the street, the truth is that the network of charging stations is getting bigger and the numbers say that ever sold more.Specifically we are talking about 24,500 cars sold in the last quarter (third in 2016), as mentioned more than twice last year, when 11,603 were sold. In fact, production has increased by 37% over the previous quarter (from 18,345 to 25,185 vehicles).

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An increase above 70% whose head is situated in the Model S, with 15,800 units, remaining well above the Model X with 8700. In fact in February we saw that sales of the Model S 76% over were increased to the same period last year, although that is what is known is that the company was seeing him face the large investment registering losses 114 million of dollars.

Thus, the company electric car is doing increasingly well in sales as they pass quarters, especially in the country home of the same where the Model S was placed not only head of Tesla, but the top sales of the main models of luxury cars. Recall, the brand cars are positioned between the $ 66,000 Model S and Model X of $ 83,000 (base price, which may be higher).

However, to reach the audience looking for an electric car but is not willing to invest that amount Tesla introduced the Model 3, whose starting price is $ 35,000.We’ll see if in the next quarter Tesla continues to add joy and securing the territory on land that is increasingly inhabitants.

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