Renault Zoe updated their batteries to reach 400 kilometers, a step in the electric car for everyone


Opel knew he would not be alone in this, all it will cost them too that the electric car is established, and I am not sure if they want to change propulsion system as soon with everything they have invested, but here come the movements of important pieces. The following have taught us that an electric car that covers a good mileage is Renault, at the Paris Motor Show.

Well, much as new is an update on the Renault Zoe, which is already available in our country. The grace of the matter is the autonomy that soars to 400 kilometers. These figures always have to catch them with tweezers, depending on the type of cycle that is used to show them in this case is based on NEDC, and we believe that in practice it will not cost you move over 300 kilometers.

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Guilt is the need to take the new batteries, which not only offer more capacity, but do not bother the car weight and dimensions, everything remains the same as was in the original Zoe. The battery makes people LG Chem and doubles the amount of the first generation: from 22 to 41 kWh.

400 kilometers is much, an amount that I’m sure you already serves for most buyers, and incidentally is a figure that beats what they get major competitors on the market: Nissan Leaf and BMW i3.

As for the speed of loading, it appears that no relevant news, this Zoe needs 30 minutes to get energy to circulate about 80km. We try to be better informed about the version of fast charging, as the first had some problems and we assume here have solved.

This version is internally known as ZOE ZE40 or r90; it is that you have to differentiate since the model with less battery (internally Q90) will continue in the catalog of French manufacturer. It will go on sale in November in major markets.

On the electric motor itself, the new ZOE has one manufactured entirely by Renault – before Continental – which claims to be smaller and more efficient. The power remains at 65kW, which are a 88CV. There will be a version designed for fleet 75HP vehicles.

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Trip and Pass

Renault has introduced two new services: ZE Trip and Pass. The first allows us to locate charging points by R-Link, in addition to planning a route. Pass is a mobile application or RFID card, which helps us with payment in public charging points (available in France, Germany, Benelux, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland).

Since the mobile application is possible to know the state of charge of our car, turn on the air conditioning load or schedule.

Without going into too much detail so be offer versions, commenting that there is a basic call INTENS, electric folding mirrors and 16 – inch wheels and a ONE, which comes with Bose sound system and leather upholstery.

Zoe battery prices or rental property: 240 km of autonomy / 400 km of autonomy

Something to remember is that Reanult will continue to market the Zoe Q90 – remember, the certificate with 240 km of autonomy – and on the other hand is now selling the new ZOE ZE40 400.

The price of Zoe Q90 rented under a battery of 22,125 dollars will be commercially receive the name “ENTRY”; if we choose the battery in property we go to 29625 dollars.

For the price of ZOE ZE40 – remember, the certificate with 400 km of autonomy – which will come in three versions: LIFE (24625 dollars rent / 32135 dollars buy battery), BOOST (26425 dollars / 33,925 dollars) and BOSE (36725 dollars).

Another interesting point is the fact you can upgrade the batteries. Current users Zoe, with the rental system may put new from April next year. The change will cost 3,500 dollars, plus a monthly increase of 10 dollars per month. More reviews on

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