Understanding the Types of Security Guards and Their Roles

Security guards are part of the fabric of society, but often they go unnoticed or unappreciated. To better appreciate how they make your life better and safer it can help to understand the different types of security guards and their roles.

Armed Security Guards

Not all security guards are armed. Those who are, go through extensive training and certification before being allowed to carry a gun at work. They may open carry or wear concealed carry clothing for security guards. For locations where the risk of loss or crime is higher, knowing an armed guard is onsite may deter would-be criminals.

Corporate Security Guards

If you’ve been to a corporate or professional office where you had to check in before going to your destination, you’ve likely met a corporate security guard. These guards do more than protect the building, they protect the people in them. Often their job responsibilities include that of concierge, package notification, and in-person reception. They may be armed or unarmed depending on the location.

Unarmed Security Guards

You may wonder why any security guard would be unarmed. In some areas, just the presence of a dedicated security guard is all the deterrent that is necessary. Though they don’t carry guns, unarmed guards may carry non-lethal weapons such as tasers, batons or pepper spray. Keeping in mind that the presence of a firearm can escalate certain situations, it’s important for business owners hiring security to understand their area and their needs.

Security guards add a comforting level of safety everywhere they’re be found. They may walk employees to their cars at night in high-risk areas, direct visitors to the correct floor in an office building or apprehend individuals who are shoplifting. It’s easy to take their presence for granted, but hard to deny that they serve a valuable role in maintaining order and deterring crime.

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