Get perfect lighting for long summer nights

perfect lighting

Your exterior can be the perfect place to hold meetings with family and friends. On sunny days will be an advantage but … what about the night? There are plenty of interesting options to illuminate the long summer nights. We bring you some examples so you can apply them in your garden, terrace or balcony.

Classics for garden

The great classics always work. In outdoor lighting is a sure hit the typical lampposts classic completely illuminating large areas? So, if you have a large garden, this solution is very interesting because you get demarcate areas at night.

If your garden is not too large, or if what interests you is illuminating a smaller area or specific, such as a path, choose beacons smaller choice of life that gives results very welcoming.

perfect lighting
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Decorate with garlands of light

The garlands of light are trend outdoors. The good thing about this type of lighting is that you can cover from large spaces to small balconies, for example, with typical paper lanterns, both white and in color.

Another great idea is the garlands glass bulbs. There are many models, from which only lead to other more ingenious bulbs models with glass jars and jars as a small lights emulating the flame of a candle or even pineapple-shaped lamps.

Betting on outdoor LED

The LED technology outdoors reduces consumption; and that is that we must not forget that this lighting consumes 90% less than the old bulbs incandescent. In addition, we also have a useful life of about 30,000 hours, much higher than traditional ones. You have very adaptable models such as LED strips that will help to outline specific areas of your garden, gardener or the edge of a road.

The outdoor lamps with traditional models also benefit from this technology and can be placed, for example, LED lanterns in the access door to the garden or in other areas of the same. Also, if you prefer the witty and funny solutions, go for floating models. Yes, small colored balls that incorporate LED technology and floating in the water. Put them in containers with some flower petals, or directly in the pool to add personality to your exterior.

perfect lighting
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Solar lighting for the garden or terrace

If your terrace, garden or balcony has many hours of sunshine a day, you could ask yourself harness this energy for lighting. The solar lights incorporate a small panel that charges a battery. This battery will be responsible for turning on the LED light or integrated during summer nights bulb. A solution which also can be adapted to any corner, since solar lights do not require electric network to function.

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Outdoor ambient light

If you prefer ambient light, creating cozy spaces that without too much direct light. Fainter tones in lighting, perfect for summer evenings. Opt for indirect light in soils placing small foci. This technology is suitable for all types of soil; it can even be installed buried in the ground.

You can also buy flashier models from balls of light to flower pots that light up at night. All these ideas will create environments in true style chill out.

perfect lighting
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Decorative solutions

The decorative lighting gives much play. The lanterns with candles, for example, can be placed on top of rocks or on the edge of the pool.

Ornamental accessories like flowers or dragonflies that light, you also help to shed light on certain areas. If you fancy a touch a little more romantic, you can opt for lanterns made with metal buckets. Small cubes with handles that are lit with candles.

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