7 Ideas for a small bedroom larger look

small bedroom

Many times we need everything to change so that everything remains the same or better. some people to get the vacation you need to see everything as always to have a sense of security and some people need a change in home decor. If you also have small bedrooms we can get that look bigger

Let’s see 7 Ideas to change the bedroom that are perfect for back home and also help us to relax better.

small bedroom
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Eliminates superfluous

Sometimes we accumulate furniture and objects because we think we need. In a small bedroom can be replaced deescalation seats by a small bench at the foot of the bed .It occupies much less space and the result is the same. If your closets are also tb small, you can put a narrow trunk to store blankets or shoes.

Change the curtains blinds or other lighter

In small rooms, the profusion of textiles get a claustrophobic effect. Long heavy curtains of heavy fabrics are not a good idea, because although actually occupy the same space as other lightweight textiles, the visual effect is totally different and better let light through.

small bedroom
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Are you sure the orientation of the bed is the right one?

It is shown that the direction in which we put the bed is essential to relax better. It is a scientific subject, so little can be said, by the polarization of our cells and the magnetization of the land the best orientation to rest is the north, humans and animals, so if you do not have the bed in that sense it is best to change.

It is also essential that the size fits the size of the bedroom and the bed does not occupy all the space.

Change the carpet and change the environment

Something as silly as changing other smooth carpets of bright colors or pastel and even geometric motifs, get the space seem larger and it will be a drastic change and the environment.

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Nightstands, less is more

Do we really need a nightstands are rather extra tables? To leave the book and the glass of water we need no more than 50 cm, try it and see which is more than enough and tries to leave the mobile charging out of the room, it is not advisable to have him around while we sleep.

small bedroom
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A good mirror multiply space

They Do It with Mirrors, one of the most widely used in decoration by the most famous interior designers to expand the space as well so we made sure that we always well groomed. If you put it in front of a window will reflect the light and the feeling is very warm.

Some good fixtures and forget about needing space

Take the walls why put floor lamps or table if you just have space? Two good sconces on either side of the headboard and if I hurry and have a habit of watching TV in bed, hanging the device in a discreet corner, although experts say that better read for a while to watch TV before bedtime to ensure a restful sleep.

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