Sinusitis, causes and risk factors

Sinusitis causes

When a person has a lot of mucus, you tend to think that he has caught a cold or a cold.But at the time that mucus is extended in time, it becomes thicker and yellow or green color in some brown cases, it gets stuck and causes pain in the areas near the nose, both sides and top, it can be sinusitis.

Sinusitisis no longer a simplecold, but something more, an inflammation of the sinuses, which can affect both children and adults.Although it is quite normal to confuse the two conditions and headache that accompany episodes of nasal obstruction or constipation, it is necessary that people begin to understand the characteristics of each one because the treatment is different.

Sinusitis causes
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The confusion may be because, in many cases, thecoldleads to the inflammation of the sinuses, but there are other causes ofsinusitisthat have no connection with colds.

What is sinusitis?

Here in this article Dr. Daniel clarifies all the questions aboutsinusitis

  1. The origin is different: Generally, the lining of the sinuses (frontal, ethmoid, sphenoid and maxillary) inflamed because of infection caused by avirus, a bacterium or a fungus, while a cold is the result the action of a virus.
  2. It arises when there is infection: This mucosal inflammation, blocking the natural drainage of mucus and are infected, symptoms starting.
  3. The duration also varies: While a cold lasts three to five days, the time evolution of sinusitis varies, so called:

– Acute sinusitis: It passes in less than three weeks and is usually caused by bacteria

– Sub acute sinusitis: With duration of between 4 and 12 weeks

– Chronic Sinusitis:Sinusitis is extended for more than three months, with the trigger a fungus or bacteria

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Causes that generate sinusitis

Blocking the opening (drain holes) of the breasts and / or accumulation of excess mucus is the perfect situation for pathogens responsible for sinusitis proliferate, to which different situations and factors influencing add your appearance as colds andallergies, disorders in the nasal septum (diverted, for example) and problems (changes in movement) in breast hairs (cilia) that do not eliminate excess mucus.

In any case, the top most common causes of sinusitis or sinus infection are:

– Virus:one of the main causes is the common cold, usually triggered by a viral infection.

– Bacteriamicroorganisms that generate and maintain the disease, which respond to treatment with antibiotics.

– Nosocomial sinusitis,by circumstances such as intubation or nasogastric intubation (after ontological procedures such as implants that alter the maxillary sinus)

Risk factors for sinusitis

There are situations or habits that can make a person a perfect target for sinusitis:

  • Smoking
  • Suffering cystic fibrosis
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Have large adenoids (lymphatic tissue of the upper respiratory tract)
  • Weak immune system as being infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
  • Have received or be undergoing chemotherapy, may be some factors that predispose to sinusitis.
  • Dental procedures (sinus lifts, implants, etc.)

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