Tips for sports without suffering risks

Play sports without injury

Turns up the heat and people who want to get well into summer, start making physical activity more frequently and intensity. What checks should be done? How can you avoid injury?

With the approach of summer increases the practice of sports in general and especially those performed outdoors and water. It is important to know which checks must be made previously and which physical areas should be more careful in each case to fully enjoy physical activity, without incurring health risks.

How are we to start?

Many of the typical lesions of each sport can be prevented with a simple visit to the doctor, as well as studies and inspections which find cardiorespiratory conditions and osteoarticular and muscular condition of the patient. If these are good, the risks of fractures and injuries, cardiac or respiratory problems, are reduced significantly. But if there are anomalies, detect them early can, as always, save your life. Routine pre-competitive research for the start of the sport is:

  • Chest x-rays.
  • Spirometry (studying the volumes and expiratory lung volumes and inspiration, with the active participation of the patient).
  • EKG stress.
  • Laboratory studies.

Play sports without injury
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Factors to consider

According to sports and fitness, and the precautions to take to avoid injury:

General precautions must be taken into account beyond sport and the season. Some general recommendations are to use suitable clothing and footwear. Also consider the surface of the field, the level of physical preparation and training. In addition, it should be performed stepwise and progressive practice of sport is chosen.

Indications according to the summer season: Particularly in outdoor sports and, in particular, in water, the use of screens and solar radiation blockers is fundamental to prevent skin damage from prolonged exposure to the sun (irritation and tightness, burning, blisters, eczema, etc.) which, besides being risky, can affect sports performance or forcing the athlete to discontinue the practice. You should opt for those with high levels of protection and those resistant to water and sweat. Also, the high temperatures generate more fluid loss as sweating and increased respiratory rate, and also of ions (sodium, potassium, calcium and chlorine), which are responsible for muscle function (muscle contraction).

Specific recommendations for each sport


A skin level, inter digital mycosis feet (athlete’s foot) and viral or bacterial ocular conjunctivitis, which are vehicled through the pool water are generated.

A trauma level there are some typical difficulties, but are rare, since water is a very noble surface for muscles and joints be reduced gravity and biomechanical load they bear. The syndrome rotator cuff is a common condition that causes considerable disability and pain. It is caused by tendinitis or tear of a muscle group responsible for shoulder rotations thereof and abduction: movement away arm on the body.

Power Walking

It is very important to consider the type of surface on which (soft soil even surface etc.) trains. The athletic shoes are often responsible for a large number of diseases of the foot, which always are accompanied by anatomical variants. The broker should know about these problems and learn how to prevent them using a sports shoe and / or templates. Planes with excessive hindfoot valgus feet can develop posterior tibial tendonitis and even knee pain due to poor load distribution. Capes feet (exaggerated arch foot) can cause plantar fasciitis, pain in the foot by inflammation due to overwork the muscles and fascia of the foot, a disease that can be avoided with good supplementation internal longitudinal arch a template.

Poor elongation sural triceps (back of the leg) or hamstring, as well as the use of wrong athletic shoes that does not respect the difference in height between the heel and the toe can cause very often, the tendinitis or tendinosis of the Achilles tendon. The material of the shoe in the corridor should be permeable and fresh to avoid excessive foot perspiration resulting in fungal or athlete’s foot. It suggests avoiding leather sports shoes.


This is a massive sport that increases exponentially in summer. Injuries to practice this activity are classic and very common, they do not report more serious, but often require long-term treatment and suspension of practice.

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Low back pain: The rotation mechanism and forced and sudden assault extension generating the facet joints irritation thereof. This is avoided with good elongation hamstrings, abdominal strengthening and musculoarticular preheating.

Epicondylitisor tennis elbow: Is the elbow pain mainly generated professionals or those exceeding the fourth decade of life players due to poor as well as the type of machine (profile, head size, grip and pound technique or string tension).

Rotator cuff syndrome: Is a shoulder pain due to tendinitis or tear as described above. Tennis is the sport of the disease generator par excellence, since the movements above the imaginary line connecting both shoulders, as are the frequent movement of the serve smash and high volley, are stressful for that muscle group. This disease has caused abandonment of many professional players in the circuit.

The court also causes knee pain, muscle tears, tendinitis wrist and Achilles tendon. Although these injuries that occur less frequently, should not be left to take them into consideration.

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