5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter

Easter is fast approaching, and you’ll need to plan well in advance if you want the weekend to be magical for your little ones. Here are just a few tips for a happy, hoppy holiday!

1. Create an Easter Trail

You can turn the Easter Bunny into Santa Claus when you create a “trail” of goodies for your kids to follow in the morning. For example, fake grass and paw prints can lead them to their baskets, and little carrot-shaped candies around the windowsill can mark the bunny’s exit point. A “nest” in the living room can hold eggs.

2. Get Unique With Your Eggs

Speaking of eggs, you can do a lot more with them than food coloring, especially if you throw out the notion that they have to come from a chicken. Plastic eggs will serve your purposes just as well, and once you remove the “edible” limination, your kids can go crazy with paint, glitter, stickers, beads, ribbons, bows, bells and stencils.

3. Make Easter Crafts

Weave your own baskets before setting off for an egg hunt. Create puppets of various barnyard animals made from buttons, fabric scraps and pipe cleaners. Build a birdhouse with a sunny spring design. There are many ways to get crafty with the dawn of a new season, and Easter is a good excuse to break out the supplies.

4. Bring Your Favorite Characters Into the Mix

Throw out those generic bunnies and chicks. Instead, find something like Jim Shore figurines that take beloved Disney characters and give them an Easter-themed makeover. Your kids will love the sight of Winnie the Pooh with a fuzzy tail or Mickey Mouse with a basket of eggs!

5. Upgrade Your Scavenger Hunt

Instead of tossing a few eggs around the playground and calling it a day, turn your kids’ search into something with adventure and excitement. For example, make them figure out clues and puzzles to reach the next hidey hole, or include typed-up riddles with the candy that you stuff inside the eggs. Your kids will have to use their imaginations to get their treats!

These are just a few unique ways to get your kids into the spirit of Easter. Whether you’re thinking about full-scale house decorations or simple crafts that you can put together as a family, the most important thing is that you care enough to make the holiday special for your little ones. Have fun!

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