Vacation Rentals VS Hotels

Planning your next vacation and trying to figure out lodging? Take a look at the following four reasons to choose vacation rental homes over hotels.

More Space

Orlando vacation rentals typically have several bedrooms, along with extra rooms. These extra rooms can vary according to the actual rental, but they can include extra bathrooms, full kitchens, laundry areas, and much more. And many have yards. This all makes them a great place for large families or those that just want to spread out.

More Amenities

Hotels usually offer TV and sometimes WiFi – which is often shared with everyone in the hotel. However, many vacation rentals provide you with private access to WiFi along with large TVs, full laundry areas and kitchens, grills, and much more to make sure you have everything you need and desire.

More Peace

Staying in a hotel can lead to an uncomfortable vacation. You can hear everything that’s going on around you and everyone can hear you. Conversations aren’t necessarily private and you have to try to keep your kids’ noise and music to a minimum so as to not disturb others. Vacation rentals offer you more privacy and space away from others so that you can actually enjoy your vacation.

More Affordable for Large Groups

Hotels usually come with a maximum of two beds, making it difficult for families or large groups to fit in. Even if you do find a way to squeeze in uncomfortably, hotels typically charge extra for everyone over two adults and two children.

With vacation rentals, there are plenty of beds and some accommodate 12 people or more. This makes them a much more affordable option for large groups.

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