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Is it possible to establish an independent nation in space? These are your obstacles

According to Norse mythology, the Fortress Asgard is the heavenly city where the gods live. Now also, according to an expert committee meeting yesterday in Paris, is the name under which a new group of people of all countries lives together in orbit to protect the earth from the dangers that assail and work towards it be known of knowledge. A new nation based in outer space. And no, we’re talking about science fiction.

This was stated by the (for the moment, half hidden) group led by Russian scientist Igor Ashurbeyli, founder of the International Center for Space Research in Vienna. In an open letter offered to journalists, Ashurbeyli explained how various personalities of science of Canada, Romania, Russia and the United States were allied to carry out one of the most grandiose plans of history.

The objective? If we want to model an optimal environment for space research, it is better that we build now in a model that allows full cooperation between all countries of the earth, under one banner.

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