Your Central Heating Checklist

Before your boiler wakes from its hibernation, follow this checklist to ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

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Hunt for Draughts

Undesirable gaps in walls, flooring, windows and doors let warm air escape while cold air from the outside flows in. It is well worth your time seeking out any weak spots in your home. Draught-proofing is generally an inexpensive job that will pay for itself in reduced energy bills.


Make sure you set your heating timer correctly and that it doesnt switch on pointlessly when no one is home. Your heating should switch on twenty minutes before you wake in the morning and before you arrive home.

Service Your Boiler

Ensure your boiler is ready for the cold months ahead and arrange a full service. For homes in Gloucestershire, Gloucester boiler installation by HPR Services is a good option.

This will keep your boiler running efficiently while saving money on heating bills. The stress of your boiler breaking down during the freezing months of winter can be avoided as minor problems are detected before developing into a major issue. For the west of England, enquire about a company specialising in boiler installation in Gloucester.

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Loft Insulation

Heat rises, and an uninsulated loft can be responsible for 25 per cent of the heat loss in your home. Upgrade to the recommended 270mm thickness to dramatically reduce your energy bills, as well as lower your impact on the environment.


As well as keeping furniture clear of radiators and bleeding them regularly, install reflector panels to boost their efficiency. These panels are placed behind the radiator to prevent heat escaping to the external wall. Instead, they reflect the heat back into the room.

Consider also adding thermostatic radiator valves to your radiators, which will allow you to control heat flow into each room. Heating unoccupied rooms needlessly adds to your energy bills.


A thick, heavy set of curtains will trap heat and insulate your windows from the freezing winter climate outside.


Hardwood flooring is the popular option for homeowners but can often cause draughts and heat loss. Add a rug that will complement your home and keep you warm.

Wear a Jumper

Alternatively, wear your warmest, most comfortable jumper, and keep your heating firmly turned off for the time being.

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