Does your accounting firm need a podcast?

Podcasts come from a variety of different sources, ranging from individuals to large corporations, and many businesses now use them as a marketing tool. But if you are running an accounting firm, is creating a podcast worthwhile?

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A recent study shows that 44 percent of people say they have listened to a podcast, so they have the potential to reach a very large audience. As a business owner, what you have to ask yourself is what message you want to get across, and whether a podcast is the appropriate way to do it?

Content, content, content

The thing that makes people listen to, and keep coming back to a podcast is the content. It can allow you to show off your expertise, but to make it interesting to an audience it also needs to be topical. If you can tie your podcast into a current issue you are likely to get a bigger audience.

Of course, you want to get across the benefits of outsourced accounting services from suppliers such as but people wont stick with your podcast if its too sales oriented, you need to strike the right balance.

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Its also important to get the length of your podcast right. The research referenced above shows that many people listen via their smartphones on their commute, so keeping the content to half an hour or so should allow you to impart useful information and allow people to consume it in a single hit.

Production matters

If you want people to keep coming back for your latest podcasts, then you need to ensure that the quality is up to scratch. If the audio quality is poor, people will quickly switch off. Its therefore vital to invest in some quality recording equipment, in particular, a good microphone. You also need to find a quiet room that doesnt have too much echo to make your recordings – you might find you have to do this outside normal office hours. If your podcast involves a conversation with several people make sure they can all be heard equally.

You also need to ensure you produce your podcasts on a regular schedule. If you miss your regular slot or put things out on different days, people will quickly lose interest and find their content elsewhere.


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