Benefits of Using an On-Site Hotel Kiosk

A hotel kiosk can increase revenue for your property in several ways. It can boost efficiency, order accuracy, and cost. For example, the Dodgers stadium recently installed a kiosk to take concessions orders. As a result, their average order value increased by 20%! Similarly, a hotel can use the kiosk to increase average checks in F&B outlets. In addition, hoteliers may want to increase conversion for late check-outs and add-ons.


The self-service kiosk is a great way to collect valuable guest data. Linked with the hotel’s PMS, staff can access this data quickly. This data can then create bespoke customer requests and promotional emails. This will help the hotel better serve its customers. In addition, the kiosk can be customized with the hotel’s logo, colors, and images. A hotel kiosk can also be customized to include specific information and services.

A study by Oracle Hospitality found that sports fans would be willing to spend $20 more for food and drinks if they did not have to wait in line. Similarly, hotel guests would spend more money if they did not have to wait in long lines for their orders. In addition, hotels can also benefit from a decrease in labor costs. A kiosk can reduce wait times and increase guest satisfaction. In addition, it can make it easier for customers to make add-on purchases and extend their stay.


On-site hotel kiosks can be an excellent way to improve guest service. They can help hotel staff with various tasks, from paying to giving guests their room keys. These kiosks can also be linked to a hotel’s PMS, quickly providing hotel staff access to a wealth of information. Hotel employees can also utilize stored guest information to create bespoke customer requests and promotional emails.

In the current global health climate, extended interactions with hotel staff are not recommended. In addition, offering guests options will help them explore upgrades and room amenities. In the hotel industry, using an on-site hotel kiosk to display room inventory and select images of each suite will improve RevPAR and guest satisfaction. If a guest is given the option to book a room, they are more likely to do so. And because they can do this themselves, a hotel kiosk can also help a hotel staff build rapport with guests.

Order accuracy

Compared to traditional ordering methods like a cashier, order accuracy when using an on-site hotel kiosk is much higher. Guests spending more time perusing the menu on the kiosk tend to order more items and upgrade their meals. This ultimately increases the average check size. This same effect can be realized for hoteliers. A hotel’s customers may want to spend extra time on their order form so they can carefully review the upgrade options and decide whether they want it or not.

The location remains the most crucial factor in the success of an on-site hotel kiosk. Active hotel staff’s response rate for boarding pass printing has increased to 57% from 50% last year. In addition, order accuracy has increased as coupons and discounts have been introduced. Even budget hotels are showing growth in these options. Despite the mixed response rate, hotel kiosks are becoming a viable revenue stream for hotels. To date, the study has identified several advantages of on-site kiosks.


Hotel self-service kiosks can help hoteliers automate check-in processes and increase revenue. The technology allows guests to check in themselves and eliminates lines while increasing employee productivity. Hotel guests can check in at home or on the way to the property. In addition, many hotel kiosks now include facial recognition technology, allowing guests to scan their identification documents. Guests can also customize their kiosks to include their hotel images and the rooms’ colors.

The GuestJoy kiosk is a good choice for all types of hotels. Its robust data reporting capabilities and ease of use can help hoteliers understand their guests’ needs and provide better service. Guests can even leave reviews on the kiosk during check-out. The kiosk can also integrate with Tripadvisor or Google and distribute key codes during online check-in. In addition, the kiosk can streamline hotel operations and ensure guest satisfaction.


Self-service kiosks are a great way to offer guests convenient information while collecting valuable guest data. Self-service kiosks are typically connected to a hotel’s PMS, allowing access to guest data and other information easily. They also can provide a way for guests to redeem special offers. However, hotel kiosks should not replace the services of knowledgeable staff. Hotel workers are still the heart and soul of any operation, and using technology to supplement their work is a smart way to add value to your hotel.

Self-service hotel kiosks allow guests to check in and out without the hassle of a front desk employee. By providing guests with the option to check in and out, the kiosk will eliminate the need for a guest to wait in line and re-enter all of their information again. It will also save you time and money by eliminating front desk lobby wait times. It will also enhance the level of service you offer your guests.

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