What Is Your Role in Your Next Website Build?

A good website is critical for today’s businesses. But if you have been asked to get involved in the next build, what is your role likely to be? Web design is key, but other vital roles exist. Here is a look at the typical roles and responsibilities of those involved in a website build, working together as a project team.

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Project Manager

The project manager has a crucial role in ensuring everyone works together as they should, that they don’t step on each other’s toes and that the build delivery schedule and milestones are adhered to.

Web Strategist

This role will be the strategic lead for the build, ensuring objectives are correctly captured that support current web trends and technology capabilities and working closely with the project manager to ensure that tactical priorities and amends don’t affect the bigger original strategic direction as the project progresses.

Content Writer

Content is key for websites, and the writer will be responsible for producing each page. He or she will ensure that it is on-brand and in line with any existing house style and use natural inclusion of keywords to help search engines to find and reference the page correctly. The writer will also work closely with or maybe for a Branding Agency such as http://www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/services/brand-development-gloucester/ and will ensure that any written content is the voice and tone of the company comissioning the website.

Site Developer

A website developer will be responsible for the technical aspect of the build. He or she will work in the coding language of the site, building each function and feature and ensuring that it works as it should.


This role is responsible for the overall look and feel of the website, and the designer will create all of the graphics for the site, ensuring that they are on-brand. This will include decisions around photography and typography. It’s a specialist role that requires a web design professional well versed in designing for digital.

SEO Expert

If a website has an SEO expert involved, this person will work with the developer on the UX structure to ensure that it is SEO-friendly and then optimise the site for that all-important search engine ranking.


The customer feeds in requirements, provides business knowledge and information for the technical team to work with and ensures that they work with the experts for the best business website solution.

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