How Silicones are Used in Our Everyday Lives

When most people think about silicone they think about kitchen utensils such as spatulas, but in reality silicone is everywhere!

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Lots of unexpected and unusual items are made from silicone, and these items can improve our lives in a few different ways. From being used in construction to being used in make-up, here are some of the main ways that silicones are used in our everyday lives.

It is Used in Construction

Silicone is an essential part of modern building and construction as it can be used to bond materials together, such as granite, concrete, plastic, glass and steel. This ensures that the construction will last longer and work better, as silicone sealants can help to absorb movement and pressure so that less pressure is put on the structure, meaning it is less likely to become damaged.

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It is Used in the Kitchen

Silicone spatulas are fairly well-known, but you can find silicone in lots of other places in your kitchen. It is often used to make cooking utensils as it is very heat resistant, meaning that you can move a silicone product from the freezer to the oven without affecting the food or the container. You can also put silicone in the microwave and dishwasher, so it is very versatile!

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It is Used in Technology

It is very likely that you are holding silicone right now, as it is used in many electronics products including mobile phones. This is because silicone is as semi-conductor, which means that it can conduct electricity in specific conditions. This makes it ideal for making transistors that can be used to amplify electrical signals.

This is why most laptops contain silicone, as well as keyboards, mouses and mobile phones.

It is Used in Cars

Silicone adhesives are often used in cars to ensure that vehicle exteriors are rain, wind and salt resistant. This means that the car is more durable so it will last longer, and you will spend less on maintenance and repair.

It is Used in Make Up

This may be the most surprising use for silicone – it can also be found in make-up, cleansers, conditioners and shampoos, as it can improve overall shine and texture.


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