Building a Wonder is not an easy task.

If you were going to build a wonder back in the old days, then you needed a fair but of stone. You had to do this to make sure that other civilisations around you were not going to try anything because you had the most impressive skills at building whist they weren’t sure what to use a plough for let alone the use of science and figures. When it was done you could then invite the locals round to show them how clever you were.

You needed stone because otherwise the thing would fall down. A wooden statue might last for a few decades but were trying to build history here mate and a great big temple or bronze statue of some semi naked God or Goddess. It’s a very good idea to use those backwards locals who don’t get the civilisation idea for slaves at some point and get them to build the thing for you. Let’s focus back on those ancient ones though. Only one of them is still standing and guess what, it’s made of stone.

We begin with the Wonder that’s still standing.

The Pyramid of Giza – It’s amazing to consider that these be tombs are still up. The mummies inside are long gone. Still, they make and attractive addition to the Cairo skyline as the city comes almost smack bang right up to them. Imagine having that for a neighbourhood.

The Colossus of Rhodes – Like the Statue of Liberty, and it was about the same size, this was the first thing that you saw as you sailed into the harbour of Rhodes looking to do a bit of trade. The Islanders were wanting to impress you at there power and a semi naked man was their way of showing it. Luckily it fell over in an earthquake and they couldn’t be bothered to put it back up again.

Pharos of Alexandria – In contrast to a big semi naked man the inhabitants of Alexandria thought that a light house might be a better bet to have in your port. That way, rather than scaring merchants away you might just welcome them in with a fancy light to show them where to dock.

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Mausoleum of Halicarnassus –  The What of the who now? Yes, this is the one that people always forget especially as it just a fancy tomb. A King, Halicarnassus, don’t ask me where its in Greece or somewhere like that, had it built for him and the Missus when they passed on.  Our old friend the earthquake comes up again and its only got its foundations left.

Temple of Artemis –  Not to be confused with the guy from the Dumas classic The Three Musketeers.  This is another one that people can never remember. There’s a reason for that it was burnt down by an attention seeker. You can visit this location whilst you holiday in Kas Villas and you can find some great choices from a Kas 4 Villas Holiday Rental company.

Statue of Zeus – No reason for anyone to get excited here its just the lighting God sat on a throne. Caligula took massive offence to it and had it destroyed.  Hanging Gardens of Babylon – Big allotments suspended on the sides of walls. No evidence they existed.

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