What Is Last Mile delivery?

When your customers need an item fast, you need to be sure that the delivery method you provide will be up to the job. Streamlining last mile delivery can give you the peace of mind you need, along with other important benefits, but what is last mile delivery?
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Last mile delivery is the final portion of the delivery process. It is preceded by the first mile, in which products leave their original manufacturer or supplier, and the middle mile, in which the goods are conveyed over long distances and may have to go through customs or spend time in port storage.

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At the last mile stage, packages are finally on their way to the customer. This journey begins at a local distribution centre or warehouse. Although this step of the journey may be the shortest in terms of mileage, it is the most important. This is the point at which your customer will receive their goods, with their experience influencing their opinion of your business.

Why it matters

If your company sends out a package that reaches the customer in poor condition, the chances are that they won’t be too impressed; in fact, it can even be a reason for repeat custom to be lost. This means ensuring an efficient and safe last mile delivery method is vital for businesses looking to build valuable customer loyalty; in fact, optimised last mile delivery looks set to become a fixture of delivery methods in the future.

If you are planning to offer a same day courier Liverpool, last mile delivery can be a make-or-break situation. It makes sense to discuss your options with a delivery expert such as All About Freight.

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The challenge of last mile delivery comes from many aspects, such as short time frames (when a delivery is promised within a certain hour bracket) and unexpected changes to delivery routes. If the customer isn’t there to receive the delivery, problems can be compounded. This means it is essential to carefully plan a strategy for last mile delivery.

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