Washington, DC: Capital of the Free World

As a country, the USA is known as the world’s last superpower. As the center of this power, Washington, DC is perhaps the most politically important place on Earth. While not an especially large city, Washington punches above its weight with the sheer number of first-rate attractions drawing tourists from far and wide.

Where History Is Made

Like ancient Rome, Washington’s political prominence leaves a city full of landmarks which have witnessed the course of world events unfolding. Several, including the US Capitol and the Library of Congress, offer public tours. Others, such as the White House and the Hoover Building (FBI headquarters), may only be viewed from outside without prior permission.

Unlike the compact capitals of Europe, DC’s various sites aren’t all within walking distance of one another. The best way to catch them all in one day is to charter a local bus transportation Washington DC service for direct travel between points of interest.

Memorials and Monuments

Being the nation’s capital, the city of Washington is an extended celebration of American heroes and achievements. At 555 feet tall, the Washington Monument towers above it all, a majestic stone column commemorating the first US president. The nearby Lincoln Memorial features a larger-than-life sculpture of the man who freed the slaves and saw the nation through civil war. Opened in 1982, the National Mall’s newest monument is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, whose centerpiece is a wall inscribed with the name of every dead or missing soldier during this twenty-year war.

World-Class Museums

As capital, Washington is also a showcase for America’s national treasures. The greatest concentration has been curated in the Smithsonian Institution, a collection of 11 related museums on the Mall and six more scattered across town, all of them free to the public. Outside the Smithsonian, standout museums include Ford’s Theatre, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the International Spy Museum.

Whether visiting for a week or a day, DC has plenty to entertain sightseers for as long as they stay. The challenge is viewing everything before you go.

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