Vacations can be budget busters for a growing family

Often, by the time you add the hotel stay, the cost of travel, and the entertainment budget, you’re out of funds or in the red. Perhaps this is why staycations have become so popular. Staycations allow you to leverage certain costs to free up more money and make the family vacation more affordable. The most obvious leveraged item on the staycation list is the travel cost. Staycations are vacations that you take in your own city, smartly eliminating the need for expensive gas or expensive air travel. This huge leverage instantly frees up money to spend in other areas of your vacation.

Travel Costs
Once you’ve effectively eliminated the need to spend hundreds or even thousands on travel, you have created room in your budget to be used on other areas of your vacation. You may opt for the upscale hotel with all the amenities. This is yet another leverage because a hotel with a lot of amenities eliminates certain entertainment needs and once again creates room in the staycation budget for other things. You may have enough money to go to that fancy restaurant or that theme park your family has been wanting to check out. Leveraging the travel cost frees up room in the budget for more fun activities.

The Hotel with Many Amenities and Activities
The hotel you choose can also save you a heap of money. If you choose a hotel with a pool or spa, movie rental, and a shuttle service you could free up a ton of room in the entertainment budget. The family can enjoy the pool, take advantage of the spa, and rent movies to relax. Plus, the shuttle service may take you to the mall or that nice restaurant your family has been talking about for months. Either way, choosing smart lodging with many things included is a money saving move. This is especially true if your spouse has a job specializing in sub zero wine cooler repair. A relaxing staycation may be just what the doctor ordered.

Before you go on your staycation, look for coupons and discounts for hotels, entertainment, and restaurants. If your family want s to go to that new restaurant that opened not far from the hotel, look around for coupons. If there’s a new luxury hotel that your family is interested in find ways to discount your stay. The same approach should be used for entertainment. If you plan on going to a theme park check into coupons or discounts. If you look early enough you will more than likely find some form of discount or coupons for just about anything.

The family staycation creates an opportunity to get away and have fun on a budget. The staycation allows you to leverage travel costs to have a great vacation in town. The money you don’t spend on travel allows your family to use it in other more fun ways. The money you save on travel costs may also allow you to book the exclusive hotel, of finally go to a theme park. It may also create room in the budget to try that new restaurant downtown. Save your money and stay in town for your next vacation. You’ll still have a great time and your wallet will thank you later.

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