Typography and why you cannot overlook it

When you pick a typeface for your online or offline communications, choosing a font that looks pretty shouldn’t be your only consideration. Typography choices should take other aspects into account, including accessibility and brand awareness.

Typography and why you cannot overlook it

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Character recognition

An accessible font will be easy to read, so it’s important not to alienate audiences by using a font that isn’t very legible. When you use an accessible font, there shouldn’t be any ambiguity between different characters and numbers. According to Webdesignerdepot, the spacing between the letterforms should also be evenly balanced and rhythmic to aid character recognition.

Typography size

When deciding which font to choose, you need to make sure that it looks good and is legible at different sizes and for use on different mediums. According to Entrepreneur, a typeface that looks great on a computer screen may not be as readable on a phone screen or blown up for a billboard. The common use of mobile devices means that it’s imperative to consider font size across different devices.

Personality counts

Many people make the mistake of choosing a font that looks childish in an effort to demonstrate accessibility. This rarely works, unless your audience actually is mostly children. There are many nuances associated with choosing an accessible font that most people without design experience won’t be familiar with. You don’t need to compromise your brand personality by having to choose a font that is accessible. When used appropriately, a well-designed font can reinforce your brand identity and build awareness.

Enhance your SEO strategy

A carefully chosen font that is used consistently throughout your communications may help to contribute to a successful SEO strategy. This could boost your rankings in search listings so that your brand is more visible. Understanding how to achieve this is not always easy for the novice, so consider consulting a design or SEO agency in Belfast or elsewhere, such as http://www.rycomarketing.co.uk/search-engine-optimisation-seo.html, to ensure your typography is given the vital consideration it requires.

Colours and backgrounds

Some typefaces can look vastly different on a dark background, for example, and may be less readable, so always check how they look first. By choosing a font that works well across different colours and backgrounds, you open up the options for how you can use fonts in your communication strategies.

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