Plan to modernize the bathroom: 7 proposals to motivate style

Plan to modernize the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms in which more usually seen over time. If it’s dated, subtract charm the rest of the house as much as we mesosphere in the decoration of this. So today we are going to propose seven ideas to renew it with style. Sure we got motivate!

The first thing to consider are the dimensions of this piece and if it is the master bath, which should have some additional benefits of utility and practicality, or guests, to be used less often. Take note of our proposals to modernize the bathroom and adapt them to your needs.

Plan to modernize the bathroom
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1. Update the sink and toilet

Sink and toilet in the bathroom are the elements that have had a hundred and eighty degree turn in recent years. Sinks with suspended furniture, minimalist, have displaced pedestal sinks, occupying much space. If you want to get a sense of spaciousness and modernity installs a basin-shaped bowl on a shelf.

The same applies to high tank toilets, so annoying to clean behind. Currently they prevail compact and suspended parts, with hidden cistern, visually lighter and easier because they allow you can easily reach every corner of the bathroom for cleaning maintenance.

2. Add notes turquoise

Turquoise is one of the trendy colors this season and is ideal for you incorporate your bathroom, especially if you mix it with light and bright colors like white. With this option, you managed to give this room a feeling of freshness and a lively and fresh look.

Dare to paint the ceiling of your bathroom with this color, you’ll love the result. The turquoise blends beautifully with grays and silvers, so the elements as taps or shower will provide the necessary brightness. If the room is large and want to get a more sophisticated result, you can place a lamp tears to complete the set.

Plan to modernize the bathroom
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3. Delimits the tub and shower area

They whatever the size of your bathroom, you still one of the most topical trends if you delimits the cleaning area from the rest of the stay. Our proposal is to slightly raise the tub and shower with a platform that can be lined with wood or mesh tile.

In order not to feel overwhelmed, especially in small pieces, it is advisable that if you decide to put a shower choose a glass partition security without profiles, and run from typical acrylic, slides and a white frame screens, which reduce optically the dimensions of your bathroom.

4. Create contrasts by combining materials

If you have trouble deciding on a particular style or if you flee from the conventional, forget to change your bath following the same decorative line. Choose Smart with an eclectic style, full of sought contrasts, with which you can afford to get your creative side and mixing pieces of different styles and materials.

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Use antique cupboards you can recycle to put towels or place a sink, combines tiles and paint on the walls, takes the corner to hang this collection of frames and squares that you never know where to put or difference area shower calcification with a tiles retro air.

5. Less is more: It removes all the superfluous

If you are looking fora bathroom in which predominates the feeling of spaciousness and is both functional and elegant, do not overload yourself with unnecessary items. Choose what you consider essential supplements and get rid of what is not strictly necessary, such as hangers, towel rails, curtains, etc. are

The minimalist style favors simple lines and neutral colors, so it is always advisable to predominate white and choose furniture that do not fill your bathroom too. To maintain order, it is best to opt for a cabinet in which you can place the sink and dispose of drawers to store them your towels and hygiene items, so they are out of sight.

Plan to modernize the bathroom
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6. Enter some original detail

The secret to give that funny and original touch to the bathroom is much simpler than a prior can imagine. The key is to choose some detail that sets you apart, as the type of applied, towel bars or soap dish.

No need to question a children’s swimming so you can add a fun element: a cheerful hue, such as yellow light, so fashionable now a decorative vinyl, a colorful curtain or a tiled bath with a message.

7. Unify floor and walls for a sober style

The industrial aesthetic is a trend that takes years stomping and refuses to disappear. Cold and metallic colors such as gray or brown, and floors and walls of concrete or brick identify austerity and minimalism that determine this line.

To achieve sobriety you are looking for, we suggest you use the same color and material on the floor and on the walls of your bathroom. To give a little warmth you can supplement it with some object like an aged stool, a mirror with personality or small auxiliary furniture restored.

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