Top Qualities of Your Favorite Journalist

What makes a great journalist? Honesty, objectivity, creativity, and time management are just a few qualities. Having all these traits isn’t enough, though. There are other qualities as well, such as courtesy. While some people are uncomfortable with questions about their past or present, courtesy and respect go a long way in making a great reporter. Ultimately, it would be best to look for these qualities in your favorite journalist. You must choose the perfect holiday gifts for your favorite journalists now!


A good journalist is honest about their work and the opinions of others. Journalists are expected to act in the public interest while minimizing harm. They must also strive to gather all relevant facts and corroborate them with multiple sources. Honesty is one of the top qualities of your favorite journalist, and you should aspire to become just like them. Here are some other qualities of a good journalist:


Objectivity among your favorite journalists may seem like an overrated virtue. While objectivity is a valuable attribute for journalists, it shouldn’t be the sole goal of their work. There are some important exceptions to this rule. The following are three examples of situations where objectivity has a role in the work of journalists. The first occurred in the Quebec Referendum in 2006. The Canadian government asked journalists not to be overly expressive in their referendum coverage.

Objectivity is often in question when journalists take sides. With the election of Donald Trump, many journalists have started to question their own objectivity. It is hard to remain unbiased when the president is in office because the media will often parrot the administration’s spin and obfuscation. But even if you disagree with the president, objectivity isn’t the best way to protect human rights.


Observe how journalists tell stories. Are their stories more personal, or do they have universal appeal? The creativity among your favorite journalists may be surprising. Try this exercise and see if it inspires you! Then share it with friends and family. Creativity among your famous journalists is something you can do, too! You can find stories by searching for a popular journalist or a topic related to your field.

The INJECT tool helps journalists find their articles’ best story ideas and angles. The tool also supports multiple angles on a single story, such as comical cartoons, based on political cartoons, or other news cards. And it can launch Google Web searches using topic and angle terms. If you’d like to see more examples of great journalistic ideas, simply use INJECT’s sidebars.

Time management

If you’ve ever listened to the news, you’ve probably noticed how a working journalist juggles several different stories simultaneously. They’re often not closely monitored throughout the day, so their time management skills must be exceptional. They must also prioritize different tasks. Time management is one of the top qualities of your favorite journalist, and if you’re reading this article, you’re probably a fan.

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