Tea Tree Oil and its benefits

Tea Tree Oil is a volatile essential derived from the Australian native plant Melaleuca alternifoliate. It has been used for its antiseptic medicinal benefits for many years. The effect it can have on a person’s health is nothing short of amazing. Perhaps the only more amazing fact about this essential oil is the wide variety of different ways that it can be used.

Kills Mold
Tea tree oil has many amazing cleaning abilities and can be effectively combined with a few other household ingredients to make cleaning solutions. However, one of its most impressive abilities is its effectiveness at destroying mold. It has the ability to destroy airborne mold spores and is highly effective as a topical cleaner when it comes to eliminating mold. It can be used to destroy mold spores in the air, as well as other harmful bacteria, through the use of a diffuser.

Treats Bacterial & Fungal Infections
In addition to being a powerful cleaning agent, tea tree oil is effective at treating many fungal and bacterial infections in people as well. It is helpful in treating feminine disorders like yeast infections and is equally effective in helping to diminish acne, psoriases, eczema, toenail fungus and ringworms. It is also very effective at treating different hair conditions ranging from lice to dandruff. Hands down, tea tree oil has many beneficial properties that are important when it comes to treating both skin and hair conditions, as well as a variety of female disorders. Tea tree oil is so powerful that it’s easy to question whether or not it would be helpful in sterilization and medical instrument repair.

Treats Cancer
Tea tree oil in conjunction with frankincense oil has been said to have many anti-cancer benefits. In fact, recent studies have revealed that it has the ability to quickly reduce cancerous tumors and boost the immune system. It is also known to be an effective treatment for skin lesions when combined with raspberry oil and frankincense and applied to the affected area three times a day. Its active ingredients include terpene hydrocarbons, monoterpenes, and sesquiterpenes. It’s such an effective antiseptic that it was given to Australian World War II soldiers as an essential medicine in their first aid kits.

Tea tree oil is a miraculous essential oil with many powerful healing qualities. It can be used in a number of different ways that range from use as a powerful household cleaner to an effective anti-cancer treatment, and everything in between. Its medicinal benefits are well known and have been for many years and it continues to be used as a powerful treatment for many different bacterial and fungal conditions. Plus, it can be combined with other household natural ingredients to create a variety of different products that can be used to treat many conditions.

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