The Challenge of Planning and Managing a Complicated Project

It can take some time to define the scope of a project. Once thats done, it can take even longer to select the individuals who are appropriate to work as a project team. However, once the team has been put together and the details of the project have been laid out, the planning phase can begin.

Project planning and management are at the heart of the projects life cycle. During the planning phase, everyone involved in the project is giving information about their end goal and how they are going to achieve that goal. During the planning phase, the steps to complete the project are laid out and documented. During the planning phase, milestones can be set that help all working on the project to understand when certain things need to be delivered as well as the requirements that define the project.

Planning means that a set of guides are created that will guide the team from the start of the project through its implementation all the way to its end. Proper planning is key to managing time and to controlling staff. The better a project is planned, the easier it will be to budget the project as well as finish the project on budget and on time.

Planning and management can be a challenge, especially for larger projects. Project managers need to make educated guesses about the quality of the staff they are working with. They may need to make educated guesses about the financial resources and equipment they have at their disposal. Communication is also key not only within the project team but also with suppliers and other individuals who are going to work to make sure that the project happens on time and efficiently.

During the planning phase, project managers may make refinements to the projects end objective based on the information that they gathered during this planning phase. They may make adjustments to the steps that are needed in order for the team to achieve those objectives. They may also identify other objectives that can be obtained from the same project.

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