The beautiful places surrounding the city of Bath

If you are lucky enough to have visited Bath Estate Agents and bought yourself a nice home in the Bath area you have some amazing landscapes right on your doorstep just a short drive away. Bath itself is an incredibly historical and architecturally beautiful place with Prior Park an example of the beauty that can be found in this area. But if you are looking to venture a little further out you might want to consider some of the following places to have a nice wander around:

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This National Trust property is steeped in history having been first opened in around 1740. The landscape garden not only extended over 2,650 acres of land but includes magical grottos, a magnificent lake, temples dedicated to various god and goddesses and some of the most spectacular displays of trees that you can see in the United Kingdom. The walk around the site can take a number of hours depending on your fitness level but there are numerous places to stop and enjoy the view and maybe even take a picnic with you to eat down by the lake or inside one of the many temple style buildings.


Westonbirt Arboretum

If you are a fan of trees and the beautiful colour that they bring throughout the seasons, then Westonbirt is a must. It is owned and managed by the Forestry Commission and there are various events on there throughout the year with outdoor concerts from some of the greats in the music industry and a festival of lights during the Winter where the trees are beautifully lit, and Father Christmas makes an appearance especially for the children. You can see all manner of trees at the Arboretum and the colours this time of year are spectacular.

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Lovers of magic and mystery will enjoy a visit to Stonehenge or perhaps the nearby Avebury both of which are stone circles. Stonehenge is amongst, if not the, most important prehistoric site that has been found in Britain and event today there are a number of different ideas as to what the stones are intended for and how they got there. What everyone can agree on though is that they are truly magnificent. The landscapes around Stonehenge also seem to have an air of mystery around them and you will find a number of events being held here during the year, particular for those observing the Pagan faith.



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