The Art of Creating the Perfect CTA

The CTA, or call to action, is among the most important components of your website or landing page. CTAs encourage visitors to do something, such as signing up to your newsletter or downloading a free report. Here are a few tips to ensure your CTAs are as effective as possible.

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A CTA is a button that visitors click to be taken to another area of your site. So its vital the text encourages a visitor to take that step. Keep it short, use an action word and even add an element of time sensitivity. SIGN UP NOW!, GET STARTED TODAY! and GET YOUR FREE REPORT are examples of CTAs that encourage action.


Above the fold, at the bottom of the page or in the header. Unfortunately, there is no one perfect place to put your CTA. Make sure its visible, but avoid cluttering up the page by using multiple CTAs, especially if they encourage the visitor to take different actions.


People respond differently to different colours. In fact, there is lots of research available on the subject, such as this study by the University of British Columbia and reported by the New York Times. While your CTA colour should take account of psychological factors, dont forget that it also needs to stand out on the page.

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A/B Testing

To help you find out which CTA wording, placement and colour will be effective, simply create two landing pages that differ in just one respect. Drive half your traffic to page A and the other half to page B and see which works better. For example, try one blue CTA and one green, leaving the wording and the placement the same for each. Then test again using a different element.

Call in the Experts

CTAs might look simple, but they are actually a complex part of your website design. To maximise your sites potential, its always worth considering calling in a Drupal design agency like, that can help you get the best results.

The overall message is that you need to make it as easy and appealing as possible for your visitors to perform an action. After all, youve spent valuable time and effort driving the right traffic to your site, so help your visitors to take that next important step.

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