3 Tricks To Keep The House Always Tidy

Tidy House

Keeping the house always tidy is a matter of effort and habits. The theory of how we do it we know it or we can intuit it. Another thing is to put it into practice.

We all know people who apparently do not have any trouble having the house always collected . They are the friends, neighbors or relatives to whom it is impossible to catch with the disorderly house, not even if you go without warning or, and this does have merit , even if they have four children.

This is similar to people who are always impeccable or wear the “style” incorporated in the DNA. Some may think that it is a matter of luck or DNA but, of course, the order in the house does have a solution.

Here we reveal three professional tricks to get our house always collected …

Tidy House
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1. Never let the disaster be too big

Or what is the same, do not let the mess get out of hand. It’s about picking up as things are used. Do not leave a whole day without collecting anything because the mess has already been installed and it will cost much more to “fix” it. Because what gives you more laziness? Pick up the countertop as you cook or collect everything at the end?

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2. Tend to minimalism

According to the publication, “more things in your home mean more things to clean.” Again it is about being a little Marie Kondo and do without what you do not use or buy only useful things, more difficult things and, therefore, more lazy to start cleaning and collecting and therefore, it will be harder to maintain the order.

Tidy House
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These people tend to do without unnecessary gadgets in the kitchen, bibelots on shelves or unnecessary blankets and cushions. So if you have some space that is always “messy” check that is not for an excess of things.

3. Learn to hide or disguise clutter

It is about designing or planning the house well so that everything has its place and is not visible. Maybe a magazine rack in the living room to keep the magazines organized, an entrance with drawers furniture instead of an exempt console, some tables with a lid or a trunk to store blankets and cushions in record time (what it takes to open the door).

Again, analyze what things that tend to bother the eye and study how and where they could be stored. If you can make them hollow in a free drawer or closet and if you have holes create them by changing furniture without drawers for others that do have them …

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