Bathroom Renovations That Will Add Value to Your Property

The bathroom is a special part of your home. An inviting bathroom is a pleasure to use, and if you decide to sell your property, a fresh appealing bathroom that sparkles will definitely encourage interest. On the other hand, a dank bathroom will frequently turn buyers away.

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Top of the Tiles

Not all of us have unlimited disposable income to spend on bathroom improvements, but the one thing that will deliver the most impact for your money is new tiles and fresh grouting. Even if you do nothing else, this will make your bathroom seem much more user-friendly and convince anyone who uses it that the bathroom is in good order. When research was conducted among industry experts on what would make the most difference in improving a bathroom, more than three-quarters nominated refurbishing the bathroom tiles.

Alternatively, you could repair any broken tiles or discoloured grouting yourself if most of it doesnt look too bad and it is only looking a bit dowdy in places. This is something many people could do themselves, and for tips on how to do your own tiling and grouting updates, see this report from The Guardian.

Fresh and Light

Updating your shower is another highly recommended move to make the bathroom more attractive and inviting and increase its value. If the glass surrounding the shower or bath is old or cracked, then replacing this could really lift the appearance of the bathroom as a whole. New glass will have a wonderful effect on the light in a bathroom and really give a lift to the shower area. If you are thinking about installing 12mm shower glass panels as part of your bathroom renovations, it would be a good idea to see what experts in the field have to offer, such as

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Most people can cope with a basic bathroom, but cleanliness is not something they will compromise on. Unfortunately, a bathroom can be clean, but if the grouting or any surfaces that should be shiny are dull and scratched or in a poor state, then it could look quite grubby no matter how hard you scrub it. Sometimes to make a bathroom look its best renovations are needed, but these will always pay off when it comes to the overall value of your home.

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