Some Common TV Aerial Problems

If your TV isn’t picking up any TV signals, whether it’s from satellite, cable, DVR or a PC, there could be many causes of this problem. One problem can be weak TV signal. This is probably the most common reason for missing TV signals. You might be too far away from the local TV station, or a mountain may be between you and the blocked-out signal. You can attempt a new TV aerial system, or use an antenna booster for a stronger signal, or even get a new TV aerial installation. Steve Unett Aerials a TV Aerial repair Gloucester based firm can help with that.

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TV reception can also be caused by poor mounting or poor placement of the aerials. It’s also possible that the wires coming from the transmitter are becoming entangled with the aerials themselves. If you notice a decline in reception, it might be best to have your aerials professionally installed to avoid further complications. Another common problem is poor wiring or connections. This can usually be fixed with some basic electrical work.

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The other most common tv aerial problems are more concerning the quality of the picture and sound produced by the transmitted signal and reception. Here, the culprit could be weather conditions. Some meteorologists and weather experts claim that it’s becoming more frequent that storms produce dead spot cells within the atmosphere. These cells are where channels which should be covered by aerials are missing. Sometimes bad weather conditions are responsible for creating “dead spots”, but poor reception of the signal can also contribute to this problem.


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