Tips for Choosing the Most Efficient Boiler

Most U.S. residential homes are heated with boilers or furnaces. These types of heating units work through the same principles that gas furnaces do. Furnaces, also known as boilers, heat air and deliver the heated air to the entire home through small vents. Boilers also heat water and supply either hot water for heating purposes or steam. However, unlike gas furnaces, boilers cannot be moved around the home on a regular basis. If you are considering installing a boiler, it is important to consider several important factors such as installation considerations, energy efficiency and safety features. You should always talk these through with a qualified Evesham Boilers company such as Combi Man.

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Installing an efficient boiler is important if you are looking to heat your home efficiently. For this reason, homeowners should not simply choose a heating appliance because it is cheap but rather choose one that will work with their existing energy efficient plumbing and electrical plans. Some examples of efficient boilers include electric boilers, gas furnaces and oil furnaces. The most efficient type of boiler is a water-based boiler, which is also more energy efficient than an oil-based boiler.

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In addition to energy efficiency, it is important to consider safety features when choosing a new heating appliance. For example, forced-air boilers can be installed in both crawl space and on the first floor of some residences. Many homeowners, however, prefer to install forced-air boilers in their crawlspace. This is because they are easier to install and don’t require the use of soil and ground venting. However, it is important to ensure that forced-air boilers remain off the ground and out of the way at all times. Homeowners should also ensure that any venting or holes in the walls are properly sealed, as they can be a potential fire hazard.


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