Boiler Repair and Replacement – Some Things to Consider

If your boiler seems to be going down all the time or you have been experiencing strange noises that seem to be coming from your boiler then its time to take action and get it serviced or replaced. Here are 10 signs that you should ignore at all cost when it comes to calling in the experts for boiler repair or replacement. By ignoring these signs, you will be putting yourself at risk and wasting precious time and effort on tasks that could have been handled much more effectively by Forest of Dean Boiler Repair companies like HPR Services.

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The first warning sign that you should always heed when it comes to calling in a professional boiler repair or replacement company is if you feel that your home is leaking. If your boiler has developed a hole in its wall or flooring then it is obvious that the boiler needs to be replaced. You can never put a stop to the leak so it’s best that you call in a professional as soon as you discover that your home is leaking.

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When it comes to ensuring that your boiler maintenance is carried out regularly then you will want to ignore any advice that is given to you regarding using heating pads. These heaters are not designed to be used on their own and therefore the manufactures advise that they must be utilised in conjunction with a gas or oil fuelled system in order to optimise the performance of the equipment. Boiler repairs and replacements are done on their own and will not be efficient and will not ensure that you are getting the best possible heating performance.

Only by combining boiler maintenance with regular servicing and tune-ups can you expect to have your system working at its most efficient levels for many years to come. Boiler repairs and replacements carried out regularly will also ensure that your heating system performs to the best of its ability and this in turn means that you receive the greatest possible level of comfort from your system, helping you to avoid unnecessary costs in the long run.


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