Part-Time Work You Can Do On Your Own Schedule

If you are happy with your full-time job but want to make some extra cash, then you can always put in applications around town for extra work. But if you would prefer to make part-time money on your own schedule, then there are plenty of things you can do to make extra cash. There some very interesting part-time jobs you can take on that will help you to meet new people and learn new things.

Guest Speaking

If you are an expert in your profession or hobby, then you might qualify to be a guest speaker. There are websites that offer guest speakers for hire, and you can join one to get your name out there and see who wants to hire you. If you want to get repeat work as a guest speaker, then you need to work on developing a strong presentation and telling interesting stories that people will want to hear.

Voice-Over Artist

The Internet has opened up a whole new need for voice-over artists to help narrate YouTube videos and a wide variety of corporate videos. There are plenty of platforms online you can use to create a profile and start selling your voice-over services. Just record a voice-over sample, post your pricing schedule and then do your best to impress the customers that buy your services.


There are many media companies and authors who pay people by the page to proofread their material before it is published. As with most of these part-time jobs, you can find plenty of work through various websites online. You are given a deadline and then you are paid when you submit your work. The process is relatively simple, but you could lose this job if you do not maintain your accuracy.

If you have spare time that you would like to turn into money but have no desire to quit your full-time job, then you should consider taking on a part-time job where you make your own hours. The Internet is a great place to find work that is fun and is done whenever you have the time.

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