Questions To Ask When Preparing To Purchase a Valve Turner

While your mind may wander to heart health when you hear the term valve exerciser, this is actually a tool that workers use to keep water valves functioning properly. Therefore, they are commonly purchased by municipalities. Machine-powered valve exercisers are the best because they improve safety for workers.

That said, there are several things that anyone purchasing a valve exerciser should know before they commit to a brand or model. This includes everything from safety features to the torque of the machine. You can rest assured that the device will work properly to open and close the water valves with this information. Here are the best questions to ask when purchasing a valve exerciser.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

When looking at a battery-powered valve turner, you need to know how long the battery lasts because this can vary between brands and models. Some are capable of exercising more than 30 12 inch valves. Others cannot last this long, and you will need to change the battery more frequently. Knowing this information is crucial because it lets you know how many batteries are needed for a day’s work.

Is It Compatible With Your Drill?

Some valve exercisers come as attachments for a drill. When looking at these models, you should know if they are compatible with your drill or need a different motor. The drill motors for some of these can be expensive, so it is important to know this information if you have a tight budget.

What Kind of Safety Features Does It Have?

Like with any power tool, safety features are a must. When purchasing a valve exerciser, the key things to look for include a trigger guard, foot base, overload protection, and shear keys.

Getting the right valve exerciser is as simple as asking the right questions. Finding out this information will ensure that you pick out the best valve exerciser for your application.

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