What is an Independent School?

Independent schools fall under the umbrella of private schools. They consist of trustees or governors that are independent of other organizations. Private schools on the other hand can be governed by non-profit organizations or even churches. Even though both are non-public schools, independent schools have rules for governance that are stricter. Tuition, for example, is higher than private schools. Some may or may not be affiliated with a certain religion. Whether it is an independent elementary school Cambridge MA-based or at another place, they all operate similarly.

Types of Independent Schools

Catholic Diocese Schools

These are schools that are directly connected to a Catholic diocese. They also have tuition that is lower for members affiliated with the diocese. Even with no discount, these schools typically cost lower than other independent schools. However, the class sizes are much larger than other schools, and they are not governed by a board of directors. Instead, they follow certain guidelines that were designed by the bishop or diocese.

Independent Catholic Holy Order Schools

These are also independent schools, but the Catholic Church runs them. These schools also have the highest level of independence. Their tuition is also higher than other Catholic diocesan schools since they do not receive funding from the local diocese. Their classes are also smaller.

Non-Catholic Religious Schools

There are other schools that are religious such as Jewish, Episcopalian, and even non-denominational Christian. They are all connected to their local house of worship or church and follow their regulations. Some of these schools even receive funding from other religious institutions that are affiliated with them.

All-Girls Schools

These are schools that only allow girls, as the name states. Normally these schools start in the third or fourth grade.

All-Boys Schools

These schools only accept boys, also beginning in the third or fourth grade. The majority of coaches and other faculty members are males also.

Boarding Schools

Students live in dormitories, similar to college campuses at boarding schools. The majority of the faculty members also live on campus. These schools are characterized by a lot of structure when it comes to planned activities and oversight.

There are many other categories that fall under independent schools. However, this should give you a good head start if you are looking to choose an independent school to enroll your child/children in.

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