Flowers Can Add a Spot of Color to Your Yard

Flowers can be a beautiful addition to any well-landscaped yard. To make your garden a showcase, here are some tips on getting started with a flower garden.

Location, Location, Location

Different flowers thrive in different amounts of sun and in different types of soil. It’s important to understand your yard so you know what will do well. Checking and prepping your soil before planting can make a big difference. Drive around your neighborhood or city to see what grows well in the climate.

World of Color

Decide whether you want a unified color scheme or one that has more excitement. You may want to have areas that provide plenty of color changes to keep the eye moving. You may want to also have some areas that are more peaceful and have similar hues. Understanding the feelings you want the flowers to enhance will help you decide on the colors of flowers you select.

Shape Shift

Obviously, you can recognize specific flowers by their shapes. Do they have plumes or globes? Are they tall or short? Put the different shapes together before you plant to make sure they don’t clash but create the ambiance you are going for. The shapes may be as important as the colors to the overall design.

Care and Upkeep

Using proper amounts of fertilizer that has been mixed at the factory using a fluidizer blender will assure you that you have the recipe just right for your flowers. Just don’t overdo it. Water regularly and pay attention to the flowers – they will help you know whether they are getting too much or too little. Don’t worry too much about pesticides unless you see issues. Enjoy spending time with your flowers while keeping the weeds to a minimum.

By selecting a good spot and the right flowers, you can work toward having an award-winning flower garden. Once you have it how you like it, everyone who drives by can enjoy it, too.

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