One issue for those in legal carry states is where do you put your weapon

Some people use belts or holsters. These will safely hold a weapon, but they have issues. The belts move up and down and can be easily noticed under clothes. A holster provides good protection and can be hidden under a jacket. This is better but can be hard to wear during the summer, and the holster has to be put on and taken off during use.

A better solution are the tees provided by a company like Underteck Undercover. This company makes the best concealed carry shirt available. The shirts include a side pocket to carry your gun. The gun is always secure and the tee shirt can be worn with or without your weapon. The side pocket is on the left side, but works for left and right handers easily. You can wear the tee under a shirt or other work clothes without problem.

The tee shirts come in materials that are cooling to wear on hot days. You can choose from black or white and sleeveless or short sleeves. A variety of collar types are available. Shirts come in both womens’ and mens’ designs. All shirts allow the user to carry up to a full-sized handgun.

Made of a cotton/spandex blend, the shirts do not require ironing and are machine washable on warm. Once dry, these shirts are always ready to wear. These easy care clothes fit easily into any lifestyle.

Some customers work where they want to carry a weapon, but this is not encouraged by their employer. These shirts successfully conceal your weapon. This is also helpful when you are around others who might not feel comfortable with someone carrying a weapon.

If you are considering a solution to carry your handgun safely and concealed, these carry shirts are a great solution. You can view the model choices by looking at a company’s website, and then choose the shirts that look like they will work for you.
Don’t forget to order enough shirts to carry you through the work week.

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