How to choose the precious metal for your diamond eternity ring

An eternity ring is a traditional ring typically given as a symbol of everlasting affection. It comprises a band of precious metal set with a continuous row of gemstones, which are usually diamonds.

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There are two styles of eternity ring. A full eternity ring has gemstones arranged around the entirety of the band and is a popular choice, as an unbroken circle of diamonds represents infinite love. The half eternity ring is made for comfort, with gemstones only set on the face of the ring but still showing a solid line of eternal commitment. There are many different metals that can be used to create these beautiful rings and they are carefully crafted and shaped. In large industrial metal is shaped using Bending Machines much like the ones that can be seen at whilst jewellers will use their own industry specific machines in order to shape the metal.

Choosing the precious metal for diamond eternity rings

According to the world leader in certifying diamonds and precious stones, the Gemological Institute of America, platinum was the most popular metal for jewellery-making until the second world war; however, when resources were redirected, gold became fashionable and it is only recently that we have seen a move back to silver-coloured metals such as platinum, palladium and silver itself.


Gold is still a popular choice for eternity rings and is measured in carats, which divides the gold into 24 parts. 24ct gold is pure gold, whereas 18ct gold is 18 parts gold and six parts alloy metal, which strengthens the gold. 18ct gold is a popular choice for rings but more expensive than 9ct gold, which is both affordable and strong but not as bright in colour.

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White and rose gold are current favourites. Both have the same properties as yellow gold but these are mixed with alloys such as palladium or copper, giving the metal the distinctive white or rose colours.


Platinum is dense and strong, making it an ideal metal for the diamond settings of an eternity ring. Due to its purity, it does not tarnish; therefore, the ring will stay gleaming for many years.


Palladium has a white finish and is becoming more popular. It is lighter than platinum, durable, and does not tarnish.

Silver and titanium

Silver is the most affordable precious metal and is usually used for larger jewellery, although it can be used for an eternity ring. It is malleable and can tarnish; however, it can be re-polished to a beautiful shine. Titanium is very affordable, as it is abundant and has great strength and durability.

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